Friday, 7 December 2007

Shunt performance - Monday

Hi all

Please note you will need to be at the Boilerhouse for 9am this coming Monday (10th Dec). Some of you will need to help lay down the floor. If you have steel toe-capped boots please bring them on Monday as you will need them to help with the floor - the sooner the floor is laid the sooner you can rehearse so the more people that can help the better.

Performances will commence at 10am though you will be missing the first show to setup and get ready for your performance which will be at 10.30am (obviously starting at Sutherland House). Please be efficient with your get-out, as you will need to make way for the other class performing in the space directly after you. Also please think about how you will signal to the audience that your performance has finished!! This needs to be clear to the audience...

Please ensure you come prepared and ready, as your setup time will fly by. It is down to you to organise yourselves as I will need to meet the other lecturers and external moderator, so don't wait for me - just get started!!

There will be time after your performance to discuss the essay so please come prepared with any questions (this is vital as I won't be contactable during your Christmas vacation)

Wishing you all the very best of luck for Monday!


Tuesday, 16 October 2007


There are some of you that still owe money for the Shunt workshop - please ensure you bring £6 to class next week please.



Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Shunt Workshop

Hi all,

For those of you that have not yet paid the £6 for the Shunt Workshop, please can you bring the exact change to next weeks class.

Also for those of you that were absent I will leave your Shunt Lounge passes at the Drama Reception office this afternoon for collecttion,



Monday, 8 October 2007

Blog Links

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Saturday, 6 October 2007

Shunt Lounge Events

Hi all,

Here's some details of events at the Shunt Lounge this week - once I've issued you with your passes you will be able to attend all these events without charge..

Lounge events october 10th to 13th

all week, hiding in every dark corner, individual experiments by shunt artists and associates

This week's programme at the Shunt Lounge is curated by Video Designer Susanne Dietz, who brings together individual experiments by shunt artists and associates. 'Contains Violence' is David Rosenberg's second instalment of organized voyeurism and the desire for filth behind the glass. Glen Neath's 'The Superheroes' wonders 'are superpowers really god-given as the villainous Vortex claims or can Captain Mint buy them off-the-peg? Performed by Simon Kane, David Rosenberg, Nigel Barret and Greg Henderson-Begg, costumes by Lizzie Clachan. Hannah Ringham shows new workings on her solo piece 'The Pigeon". Mischa Twitchin is 'Reading Clausewitz: Postcards from Vienna' in studio 65 and Andrew Roland takes us on a journey into the dark mind of a confused individual. Layla Rosa is 'On maternity leave' and Louise Mari 'Works in progress' with Beckie Kilgariff, Ben Ringham experiments with sounds in 'Mologra' and Lizzie Clachan presents her installation 'Selenocosmia crassipes vs. Eunectes murinus' in the toilets. In the bar an installation 'Broken chairs and their friends' by Heather Uprichard explores the impact of one year of lounging action on some of the furniture at the shunt vaults. It needs you to complete it, come down and celebrate the passing of some of the perches that collapsed about you. On Friday night DJ Jettepaque plays minimal electro and on Saturday night special guest DJ Lakuti (sudelectronic, uzuri) plays tunes taking in deep house to techno and experimental.

see website for times of performances

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Please note..

Hi all,

Some really interesting thoughts and facts about the company are coming through - good stuff and keep 'em coming!

Please note a lot of you are sending me attachments which I cannot open! If you are sending an attachment please ensure it is a Microsoft Word Doc. or else it will not appear on this site and you will need to resend it,


Wednesday, 3 October 2007


I have received Shunt Lounge membership passes for you ALL today!

These are normally worth £5 but Shunt have kindly given them to you for FREE!

I would like you all to visit the Shunt Lounge prior to the workshop in week 3 - This is absolutely essential so that you meet the company having a very clear understanding of their 'found' space which is so important to the development of their performances. To get the most out of the workshop this is really important.

The Lounge is open evenings from Wednesday until Saturday (your membership pass is valid up to 17th November, so you can go more than once if you wish!) - I will distribute the passes in class on Monday and then it is for you to organise yourselves as to when you will be going - I would suggest going in small groups.